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The 12 After 12 is an empowerment and asset of character 12 Step program. These Next Steps in Recovery are a way for us to continue on with our spiritual lives. We are no longer confined to an endless cycle with the 12 Steps. Now, the 12 After 12 has given us a way to branch out, helping us continue in a positive direction.

For those who are familiar with the original 12 Steps, this program will be easy to follow and understand. These steps follow the same sentence structure and rhythm as the original program. The primary alteration is that here we have put the steps in present tense and replaced negative terms with positive ones.

In the original 12 Steps we focused on the characteristics we wanted to rid ourselves of, and the 12 After 12 focuses on the characteristics we wish to enhance. The original set is about admitting defeat, and the 12 After 12 is about admitting what empowers us. The 12 Steps take inventory of all our unspiritual experiences, and this program challenges us to examine how our experiences have become spiritual. In the former we see what perpetuated our selfishness, in the latter we discover what inspires our selflessness. We have seen who we had harmed, and now we notice what we can do to be helpful and altruistic.

The reason why this program is so valuable is because it includes evidenced based components within a 12 Step format. The 12 After 12 is an Empowerment Model. It is a Strength-Based approach to recovery. These steps reinforce Positive Affirmations, and are in no way shaming. There is also emphasis on Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention in Step 11. Above all else these steps help us assess our spiritual nature revealing what we have to contribute to the world. Through the 12 After 12 we come to understand who we are in an empowering and beautiful way.

It's important to mention that the 12 After 12 is in no way meant to replace the original 12 Steps. We believe the 12 Steps are essential, yet, they only get us so far. At some point in recovery we realize there is more we can do to grow as spiritual beings. Many of us may have started with the 12 Steps but realize there was something else we needed. If you have made your way into recovery and have done your best with the 12 Steps, we welcome you to join us on the 12 After 12 journey.

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