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Step 2


Come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves has been restoring us to sanity. 

Once our empowered perspective begins to shape our existence, we come to believe that a loving Higher Power is restoring us to sanity. The fact of this sanity is apparent when we base it on the beautiful life we live today. Where we once came to believe that we could be restored, we are now seeing evidence that we are being restored.


In our addiction, insanity was defined as doing the same things over again and expecting different results. Today, in our recovery, we have tried something new, and we are amazed at the what has come to fruition. We have taken spiritual suggestions and applied them in our daily practice. Now we witness different results which reflect our sound and sane living. It is this restoration of sanity that provides us the confidence needed to strive onward to greater degrees of spiritual attainment.

The belief we hold about this shift will continue to strengthen as we notice ourselves breaking free from old patterns of ineffective behaviors and practicing a more spiritual approach. Recovery is about learning to make wise decisions that lead us away from the delusions of selfishness toward a wholesome, spiritual life. As we learn these lessons, we continue to come to believe that we are being restored with every responsible action we take.

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