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In the first portion of this step, we go through the columns with our spiritually significant experiences like we originally did with our resentments. A spiritually significant experience is drastically different from the experience of having a resentment. One feels good and the other does not. Resentments contain a root of selfishness while spiritually significant experiences are created by our selfless spiritual nature. The original inventory pointed out how we had a deficit of spiritual tools, and this inventory will indicate how we are using the tools we have acquired to create the life we now cherish.


By following the same columns as the original inventory, we see exactly what caused these experiences to seem spiritually significant, we notice how these experiences affect us, and we comprehend our part in co-creating them.

Column 1

The spiritual experience column. 

Spiritual experiences are subjectively different for everyone. The one thing they all have in common is they will always indicate positive change in our lives. In this portion of the step we give each experience a unique title. That is all that is required here.

Column 2

What caused these experiences to seem spiritually significant?

We ask ourselves questions about these experiences to find out more about them. What was it about these experiences that made them seem spiritual? Why did we feel these experiences were worth putting on our list? By asking ourselves what specifically makes an experience spiritual, we strengthen our ability to notice spiritual experiences when they happen in the future.

Column 3

Affects my.


We want to look at exactly how these experiences affect us. These spiritual moments tend to affect our security, our identity, our self-worth and our ambition. Most of these areas will be the same areas as the original affects my column, but instead of being affected adversely, they will be affected graciously.

Column 4

Our part.

Here we want to see what aspect of our character contributed to these spiritual experiences coming into being. What we find is that these experiences were made possible by us practicing a spiritual principle. Through humility, perseverance, honesty, compassion, mindfulness and the like, we open the way for distinct spiritual experiences to come into our lives. Here we will find a list of our assets of character, and this is where we begin to see the exact nature of who we are.

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