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The 12 After 12 inventory is one of the most vital components to this program. In this inventory we will discover who we are as spiritual beings and understand each asset of character that is intrinsic to our true nature. The structure of this step is very similar to the original but with a much different focus. Here we look at all our spiritual experiences, the things we love and our healthy loving relationships.


The focus of the original inventory was to look at our resentments, what we fear, and our unhealthy sex conduct. What we see today is that all those experiences from the original inventory can be understood as unspiritual ones. Now that we have entered into a new found spiritual relationship with the world, we must examine who we have become.

As we take this inventory to uncover the exact nature of who we are, we must take great care to prevent our ego from clouding our judgment.  It's imperative to discover our true nature without having self get attached to what we find.  It is not our ego that makes these experiences possible.  Instead, it is our selfless devotion to spiritual principles that bring them forth. As we discover our assets we learn to depersonalize these attributes, recognizing that they are all an extension of our selfless spiritual nature.


Through taking inventory of our spiritual lives, we illuminate those assets and attributes which made each experience possible. As we embark on this step, we will see exactly what part we contribute to our own spiritual existence.

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