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Next we list the things we love.


The things we love indicate who we are and what we value in this world. The things we love give meaning to our lives and define us in beautiful ways. By listing the things we love, we are able to see signs of our benevolent nature.


In the original inventory we listed our fears.  By looking at what we turn away from we discover defects of character and patterns of selfishness. Conversely, by looking at the things we love, we see what we selflessly strive toward. This helps build character.


In order to list the things we love and have this inventory be selfless and free from ego, we need to insure that we only list what we love unconditionally. To test if something is worthy of unconditional love, we ask whether or not we would love these things without expecting anything in return. We all loved the object of our addiction but only because it provided temporary relief.  We all love our loved ones even when they never give us anything in back. One is unconditional and the other is not.


Now knowing what we truly and selflessly love we list them all:


I love my friends

I love my family

I love recovery

I love...


The things we love help us identify and understand what we cherish and the efforts we take to serve, honor, and protect what is precious to us. We ask ourselves why we love these things? What was it about them and about us that made this love possible? How did loving these things transform us into who we are today? Who is that person?

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