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We are people in recovery who are devoted to the ongoing development of our spiritual lives. We have embraced a 12-Step program and work it to the best of our ability. We have been spiritually awakened and empowered through this process. Now, we are ready and willing to embrace the 12 After 12 so that we may understand, integrate and live our divinely inspired purpose.


These next steps are intended to provide more tools for spiritual growth. We do not suggest that the 12 After 12 can or should replace the original 12 Steps in any manner. We need both programs, together, for balanced and complete recovery.


In the first 12 Steps we worked very hard to become honest with one another and made amends for our problematic behaviors. We became accountable. We began to dismantle the distortions of selfishness.​

In the 12 After 12, we shift our focus from the lens of disease and liability. We step firmly into our new sunlit lives, astonished. Our perspective is noticeably clearer, and what once seemed a landscape of anguish is now transformed by gratitude into a vibrant world of blessings and possibilities. We desire to put our gifts and strengths to good, effective purpose.

We invite you to join this community of ongoing work. Bring your experience, strength, and hope. Bring your honesty, open mind, and willingness. As we take these next steps together we will all continue to evolve spiritually.

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