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Step 1


We admit we are empowered by Recovery-that our lives are becoming manageable.


What we have come to know through our recovery is that a spiritual program of action is extremely empowering. By working the steps and living a life of purpose, we become empowered through this process. This is what we admit to in the first step of the 12 After 12: because of recovery, we are now making responsible decisions that lead our lives toward increased manageability.


The equation of this step is along the same lines as the original first step. Originally, we saw because of addiction and the compulsion to use, we were powerless and our lives had become unmanageable. Conversely, when we add a program of recovery to our lives, we become empowered and begin to notice undeniable manageability. Having come to realize what empowers us and what we are powerless over, we admit theses two sacred truths together.


Our lives have been transformed from the chaos of addiction to lives of abundant beauty and spiritual resiliency. Our empowered perspective and our newfound manageability exemplify all that we have accomplished. As we admit to this empowerment we are able to have faith that we will continue living purposeful lives.



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