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Step 10


Continue to practice spiritual awareness and when we can be useful promptly express ourselves.


Through honest inspection of our lives, we awaken to what keeps us from, and propels us toward, the spiritual existence. In this step, we practice continual and sustained spiritual awareness illuminating our innate abilities to live life effectively. Through spiritual awareness, we become presently attuned with the moment while gaining the intuitive wisdom required to guide our actions in a noble and purposeful direction. By practicing spiritual awareness, we learn to notice the subtle nuances of life indicating where to be useful and how to suitably take these necessary actions. Through this practice we find new ways to apply the principles we are developing.


This step has much of the same components as the original tenth step. There we looked at where we were wrong and promptly admitted it. Here we look for where we can be useful and promptly take action. The former is concerned with the past while the latter is rooted in the present, looking forward toward the future. Both practices of taking ownership for our wrongs and being accountable for the next right thing are essential for living a spiritual life.  By remaining aware and spiritually aligned with our Higher Power’s will, we intuitively understand what is useful while finding means of expressing ourselves in a positive manner.

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