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Step 12


Having been spiritually enlightened as a result of these steps, we try to share our own message with one another and to practice these principles in all our affairs.


All the work we have done has led us to witness a magnificent spiritual enlightenment. This enlightenment is a result of identifying and applying the aspects of self that make us purposeful spiritual beings. By now, we have discovered both our shadow self and our inner light. We have seen the extent of our selfishness as well the extent of our selfless spiritual nature. Through witnessing these facts we have been able to make wise decisions about which direction to take.


Our enlightenment has inspired a desire to help others even more. Through devotion to our spiritual path, we are compelled to share everything that we have attained. We offer our own message. This authentic expression creates the map of everything that has helped us find our way. By being true to our own experiences, we share our own message of courage, hope, and transformation.


What we have come to know is a full, balanced, and complete 24-Step program. This holistic perspective of recovery was gained from what we did in the original 12 Steps and has deepened through the work we do in the 12 After 12 program. Our spiritual attainment is a testament to all we have accomplished. As we practice these principles in all our affairs, our spiritual lives will continue to grow miraculously.

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