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Step 3


Continue to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand God.


Looking back we see that the decision to turn our lives over was a powerful and important decision. Having made that decision, we must always continue to engage this essential spiritual practice. The continual alignment of our will with the will of our Higher Power renders us more receptive to the omnipresent Spirit of the Universe.


This practice of aligning our will with spiritual influence is different now than it was when we first made the decision to follow good orderly direction. We understand our Higher Power differently today than we did in early recovery. Our relationship with our Higher Power has matured as we have matured. As we continue to engage our Higher Power's will, we bring our will in accordance with all that is sacred and true.


Through the practice turning our will over, we find that our will has two sides: the side that opposes and separates us from our Higher power and the side that aligns and connects us with that Power. As our lives begin to echo the melody of our Higher Power’s intention, we also find that this is truly our desire as well. Our will and our Higher Power’s will become inseparable, freeing ourselves from selfishness as we embrace being a selfless part of this co-creative force. 


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