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Step 4


Make a searching and selfless virtuous inventory of our spiritual experiences. 


Our new and glorious spiritual experiences indicate a real change in our attitude and outlook on life. This next inventory process seeks to examine each and every one of these experiences so we can begin to understand what aspects of our character are making this shift in perspective possible.


This fourth step is along the same lines as the original but with a much different focus. Here, we begin to understand our virtuous characteristics. In the previous inventory, we witnessed the immoral manifestations of our nature. We have admitted them to others and asked for them to be removed. As we begin to be freed from the grip of selfishness, our true nature begins to expand. The more we live from the vantage point of light and love, the more we create experiences which are an honest reflection of who we are.


Through this inventory, we discover our assets of character by taking a thorough look at our spiritually significant experiences, the things we love, and our healthy loving relationships. These vital life-affirming experiences will illuminate all we are and all we have done to regain a life that is worth living. Upon seeing these aspects of our character, we become better equipped to utilize them for their intended spiritual purpose.

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