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Step 5


Admit to God, to ourselves, and to other human beings the exact nature of who we are.

Having seen the intense potential inherent in our spiritual make up, we claim these truths to the world. In order to have these capacities flow through us with more intensity, we must share the facts of our spiritual nature with others in our lives. When we offer these truths to God, ourselves and other human beings, it validates our spiritual capacities so we can participate in them more proactively.


The admission of these spiritual characteristics highlights who we are in the light of these amazing truths. Claiming to God that we see our true selves validates God’s plan in making us as we are. Admitting to ourselves helps us affirm our exact nature. And sharing with others the truth of our existence helps solidify these characteristics so we can be further accountable to them.


This confirmation will verify all our inventory has disclosed to us. This expression of who we are will further inspire accountability to the spiritual expectations we now have of ourselves. We will feel that the people we always wished we were are the people we are now becoming. Having proclaimed the exact nature of our spiritual character, we become entirely ready to have everything we are contribute to positive change in this world.

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