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Step 6


Are entirely ready to have God enhance all these assets of character. 


After we admit to who we are as spiritual beings, we come to a simple realization: our assets of character are what make recovery possible. They bring grace into our lives and the make spiritual experiences abundant. Conversely, our defects stood in the way of the spiritual life, keeping us stuck in the disease of addiction. Having cleared away the reprehensible, we now usher in the purposeful.


Having an attitude of readiness to implement our assets of character is imperative. By being ready to have these assets enhanced, we create less space for our defects of character to ever take hold again. It's impossible to do what is objectionable if we are always busy doing what is commendable. By being entirely ready to have our Higher Power enhance these attributes, we become accountable to all of them.


When we constructively utilize these assets they bring wonder and joy into our lives. They also are the principled tools we use to face adversity with courage and dignity. Our assets of character become instruments of universal harmony. Through the enhancement of our true nature, we become an asset onto the world. We become a suitable channel for our Higher Power' grace to transpire.

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