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Step 7


Humbly ask God's Grace to transpire.


By living a spiritual life, we recognize that we are all conduits of grace. We have discovered that we each possess an abundance of legitimate capabilities to do the will of God. These aspects of our true nature help us to be useful to everyone we encounter. As we ask for grace to manifest, we are asking for our spiritual abilities to be used as part of God's divine intervention. 


In the original 7th step, we asked for the removal of our shortcomings. The opposite of our shortcomings is the grace of God. One is perpetuated through our own fallible nature, and the other is a result of God's infallibility. When we remove what stands in the way of this tremendous flow and do our part to remain humble, we then find that grace transpires.

If we are to be truly humble in what we ask for, we must be willing to prove this humility with more selfless spiritual action. This amazing power must be constructively directed to further create and enhance positivity in the world around us. As grace enters our lives, the application of our true nature flows through us with elegance and poise. Our ability to help others will suddenly become a graceful event.

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