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Step 8


Make a list of all things we can do to be helpful and become willing to act on them all. 


Considering what is helpful is an important spiritual practice. In this step we make a necessary, honest, and fair assessment of our own capacities to be useful and of service. By making a list of everything we can do to bring positive change into this world, we create a plan to further live the spiritual life.


What this step asks us to do is sincerely think about everything we can do to alleviate the suffering of others and bring joy into this world. By truly knowing our own spiritual capacities, we discover ways to apply them to make a difference in the lives of others. As our lives grow and develop, so do the abilities we have to be useful. This list will evolve over time as we acquire further understanding of what makes us spiritual beings.


Once we see what we can do to be helpful, we pray for the willingness to take action. Some of these things may be difficult, requiring us to move out of our comfort zone. By being willing to help where we can, we connect ourselves with the essential parts of our being that make us selfless and spiritual. Through willingness, our capacities to help others extend out from us to touch the lives of others.

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