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Step 9


Make an effort to help others whenever possible, except when to do so would harm relationships or self.

After listing everything we can do to be helpful and praying for the willingness to take action, we make an effort to apply these abilities whenever possible. As we transmit the worth of our own being into the lives of others, everyone around us prospers. We move away from a fear-based reality into a world where love is law. Becoming altruistic and helpful whenever we can, we express all that our spiritual nature has provided us.


Nevertheless, we cannot be everything to everyone at all times. It is very important to have integrity when it comes to the wise use of our spiritual resources. We are encouraged to be pragmatic regarding how we are helpful. Many of us are committed to important obligations and relationships. We need to carefully consider if helpfulness in one area of our lives will cause us to neglect another. We are required to prioritize the relationships God has given us to serve. We do not want to harm a relationship or ourselves because we gave too much. But if there is helpful action we can take without it being harmful, we are encouraged to do so. By learning to honor the needs of self and our most precious relationships, we will build a positive community of love around us.

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